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Writing on WordPress as @HappinessNoir

I'm shifting focus on happiness ~ for all who live with life after trauma ~ HappinessNoir.com https://happinessnoir.com

The dark side of happiness has two faces. 

Those who profit off of someone else's sadness and those who are happy in spite of all they've been through.

Everyone has something they have survived

When we share our story, someone else in the world will feel comfort ~ someone will heal ~ someone will live.

What's your story?

A Cat R Burry Tale 
There is a story to be told ~ so I'm writing it. 
Meet Charlotte Louise and Oliver Wolf Foster 
You can follow them on my instagram page 

Don't allow anyone to push you into going faster than you want to go. Be you. The world will adjust. 
Thanks for that sentiment Oscar Wilde

Dear Reader,
We don't write letters to each other anymore. I miss that. I don't send out newsletters either, though everyone says we should. My work is shifting to be more aligned with what I love, what I know and who I am. 

 Human development across the lifespan offers us
an opportunity to grow and change.
So does the work we do. 

I'm shifting from solo practice to social consciousness ~ a return to my roots in community psychology ~ a calling toward art-inclusivity and a deep understanding of the precious finite reality that we only have this one lifetime to do the things we wish to accomplish.

From Henry Healing to publishing through Ink.Honey.Pub 
My Indie publishing house 

We share a collective consciousness that matters to one another.


Love of self ~ Love of universe ~ Love of life ~ Love of every living thing.

This is the Reiki way ~ This is the way of every major philosophy, religion and psychology. 

Love is an emotion but it is so much more than that. It is a healer. It is a deal breaker and relationship definer. 

We are all on this shared journey ~ this one is mine. I've cultivated a center of gravity that pulled in wisdom that I in turn, share with others. 

This is my statement 

I am ... 

(She/Her) | Mom | Author | Healing Arts Practitioner | Positive Psychology Practitioner | Essayist | Humorist | Writer | Explorer of Souls | Cat Wrangler   

K. Aren ~  




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