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Rocco, our forever dog

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my website.
Today's the day to begin again.
September 26, 2022 is my House of Henry Healing Un-Birthday Launch.

I am now open to accepting new clients. 
We moved to a digital nomad only platform and new niche. 
I am now working exclusively with people and organizations who want to process the mental health issues that align with body autonomy. 
Coach | Consultant | Mental Wellbeing | Writer 
It's not a pro life or choice thing ... it's a body autonomy thing. 
I'll be adding:
1.  Available Days & time slots

[similar to a therapist's schedule] 
3. A clear Rates & Fees page

4. YouTube and other social media
[info. grabs] 
5. Free information
who doesn't love free stuff? 
and of course, a favorite books page.
called ~ Books don't hurt, people do :) 

I clocked an impressive 4500+ miles this summer. Digital Nomad ~ state side version. 

The gift of aging? 
I'm going rogue. 

I'm going to be me and love it. As I am. Living freely in my own body. I will be who I am, and NOT apologize for it and I'm not taking advice on anything that doesn't align with that mission statement. 

Survivors of trauma do not listen to the crowd. They forge a path and don't care about the crowd. Women who made it into their 50's realize the importance of celebrating who they are, as they are. They don't take direction from anyone else. Particularly someone who has no idea what she went through. 

It's time to mix it up a bit. A lot of digital nomad adventures are happening this year. 

I imagine I'll be focusing on creating, exploring and cultivating original work rather than curating the sentiments of others. 

I'm also turning my WordPress Blog: 
Happiness Noir into a book that will be available on Amazon this fall. Woman, In Search of Meaning. It's a culmination of essays that explore the world of psychology in relation to living as a woman today. 

This is a growth year.


Dreams don't become reality without working on them. Here are just a few hot topics for the season. 
Mental Health
~ Post Traumatic Growth
~ Cultivating Boundaries
~Defining Who We Are
~Reclaiming The Self
~Following a Holistic Healing Modality
~Ethics and Morality as a Learning Guide
~Ethos, Pathos, Logos
~Women and Our Boundaries
~Celebrating the Age of Silver

Cheers to all