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In the age of Covid 19 ~ 

The world has changed and so must we. 

Adaptation is the name of the game of life.



Writing Month

What am I writing about? 


Who am I writing it for? 


When will it get published?

When it's finished.



Back in March, I wrote a brief statement on the 'new normal' of this global pandemic. My European friends were sharing info. a few weeks before we started realizing just how serious it was. 

Then the world flipped upside down. 



What is Henry Healing doing to help w/the global healing?

1. Practicing physical and social distancing.

2. Wearing the mask in public 

3. Working 100% in tele-health

4. Washing hands, keeping everything disinfected, and consciously uncoupling from all who don't align

5. Praying, because the power of prayer, meditation, and positive proactive practices are good for our whole person health.

Facts and Science are leading the way. Art is healing the world's mental health while science is looking for a way to heal the physical health.

We're all connected. 

World Health Organization 


The Positive Psychology People

Grit. Grace. Gratitude 

2020 The New Blog

Karen Henry, Author


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