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Rocco, our forever dog

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'tis the season 
for all things comfort and joy 
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treasures we love

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Here are just a few hot topics for the season.
Kindle Vella #RoadTripToNoWhere 
publishing new episodes weekly

Thanks for visiting my page. 
I'm a Writer and Artist
with a focus on Mental Health 
I'm updating everything
which take some time. 
This is a growth year.
Post Pandemic Growth 
I'm holding life in my hands, Kondo style
if it brings me joy, I'm keeping it.
But ... if it isn't a happy experience, I'm cutting it loose.
Life's too short to mess around, or to give away our time as if we have infinity to get it right. 
We don't. 
Act now.
Love what you do.
Like who you are.
Be the person you want to be just as you are.  

ETSY is a slow road but now that the holidays are here,
I'll be inspired to paint some more

Writing the NaNoWriMo2022
Now at 40K words w/10K more to go

Coaching ~ Books ~ Journals 

**new favorite word**
Understanding the con 
in order not to fall for it. Learning and adapting to the world of online communication 
is knowing when they are baffling us with BS. 

If we don't wake up to it, we will fall for it every time. 

Mental Health
~ Post Traumatic Growth
~ Cultivating Boundaries

~Defining Who We Are
~Reclaiming The Self
~Following a Holistic Healing Modality
~Ethics and Morality as a Learning Guide
~Ethos, Pathos, Logos
~Women and Our Boundaries
~Celebrating the Age of Silver

Cheers to all


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Blowing Snow
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