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Rocco, our forever dog,

Updates ~

I'm sort of low-prioritizing the nurturing of this website. I'm using it as a calling card more than anything else. 

However, I hope you are reading my work as a grassroots writer on Medium on my Chapter series called, 'False Positives'. 

I'm also turning my WordPress Blog: 
Happiness Noir into a book that will soon be available on Amazon. 

I'm writing ~ this is a growth year.
The mission of The House of Henry Healing and @InkHoneyPub is to create the life I used to dream of while I was busy doing other things ~ 
Dreams don't become reality without working on them. Here are just a few hot topics for the season. 
Mental Health
~ Post Traumatic Growth
~ Cultivating Boundaries
~Defining Who We Are
~Reclaiming The Self
~Following a Holistic Healing Modality
~Ethics and Morality as a Learning Guide
~Ethos, Pathos, Logos
~Women and Our Boundaries
~Celebrating the Age of Silver

~ These are just a few topics to look out for. 

And now, 

Back to the writing board. 


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100% proceeds donated to
Our Voice in Asheville, NC 

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