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Elizabeth Miller Henry ~

Private Practice Owner | Author | Digital Nomad



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A Bit About Me

Transitioning from where we were that no longer serves us to where we want to be so that we can live whole, happy, fulfilled lives is exactly where I am. I'm on a journey toward exploring the world beyond the limited rural life I once knew. 

I've ventured to four countries, 50 states and several versions of the career in psychology in tandem with higher education. Today, I set my intentions of a slower, simpler life in the blue ridge mountains as a home base. Through writing, exploring and traveling, I'm on a quest to work with others who have transitions of their own to achieve. 

Work Experience

2016 to Present 


Henry Healing has been my life coaching business since 2016. With a small grant from the Economic Recovery Center and the SBA, I crafted an arts and healing center. Evolution of this venue took me from the limited resources of rural upstate NY to the ever expanding world we have today. I'm confident that our current life as digital communicators, we have a better sense of a collective. The journey has evolved from a positive psychology focus to a post traumatic growth and holistic worldview. 

Academia, research and the pursuit of the healing arts. From 1999  through 2016, I worked in and around higher education as a career counselor, a mental health counselor and a faculty member at four institutions. From a private liberal arts college to a state university in two locations back to a private liberal arts college. I've listed the classes I taught and the education I received on my website here. I certified as a mental health counselor; certified Reiki Master and certified life coach along the way. I've used both digital classrooms and on-the-ground classrooms with over 6,000 students 

1999 The start of the Journey 

My journey toward a master's degree in community psychology was achieved in tandem with working in my family's restaurant. This experience gave me the insight in both how to help others heal while witnessing the complexities of addictions on a community. 

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