Education & Professional Background

When a helping professional asks you to trust them with their talent and aptitude, how often do you ask them exactly what they did to prepare for the day you meet them? I'm all about transparency and trust. Here is a list of the courses I took in my coaching, Reiki,  master's and PhD programs to prepare for today. 

Life Coaching Certification Courses:

MentorCoach (r)

1. Foundations [MCP 138 ~ 8/2010]

2. Ethics & Risk Management Master Class [MC#30 - 4/2011] 

3. Intensive Individual Coaching Skills Mastery [MC/IIC #48 - 10/2010] with Anne Durand 

4. Individual Coaching Supervision Master Class [MC/IIC Supervision #23 - 3/2012] with Anne Durand

5. Make your Job a Calling Master Class (Assistant Trainer to Dr. Bryan Dik). [MC/MYJAK 1/2016]

6. Becoming an Artist w/Goals [MC - 9/2011]

7. Womanly Wealth Academy, Wellness Coach Certification with Louise Anne Mourice

University Classes I've taught:

1. Intro. to Psychology

2. Student Success Lab

3. Intro. to Positive Psychology

4. Personality Theories

5. Applied Positive Psychology

6. Applied Social Psychology

7. Health Psychology

8. Counseling Psychology

9. Abnormal Psychology




1. Usui Reiki I, II, III or  Master Teacher Program with master teacher, Lisa Powers, 7th generation from Usui

2. Reiki & Color Therapy

with Master teacher Lisa Powers and Libby Seery - Founder of Renaissance Life Therapies

Master of Arts in Community Psychology:
1. Intro. to Community Psychology
2. Abnormal Psychology
3. Community Mental Health
4. Counseling
5. History and Systems of Psychology
6. Community Based Prevention & Social Change
7. Group Counseling
8. Counseling of Alcohol/Addictions
9. Counseling applied to the Community
10. Behavioral Research Methods
11. Family Counseling
12. Program Evaluation
13. Community Consultation Services
14. Practicum
15. Licensure: Supply & Demand
16. Expernship: One on One and Group Mental Health counseling in a college setting
17. Advanced Practicum

Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Academic Interest focused on Positive Psychology:

1. Program Seminar II

2. Biological Basis of Behavior

3. Tests and Measurements

4. Learner Success Lab

5. Foundations of the Psych. Doc.

6. Psychology of Leadership

7. Colloquium Track I

8. Lifespan Development

9. Psychology of Personality

10. Ethics & Standards of Professional Practice

11. Cognitive/Affective Psychology

12. Qualitative Analysis

13. Colloquium II

14. Social Psychology

15. Multicultural Perspectives in Human Behavior

16. Inferential Statistics

17. Advanced Inferential Statistics

18. Advanced Research Methods

19. Colloquium III

20. Doctoral Comprehensive Exams

21. Dissertation Courseroom I

22. Dissertation Courseroom II

23. Dissertation Courseroom III

24. Dissertation Courseroom IV

25. Dissertation Courseroom V

26. Dissertation Courseroom VI

27. Dissertation Courseroom VII

28. Dissertation Courseroom VIII

29. Dissertation Courseroom IX

30. Dissertation Courseroom X

31. Dissertation Courseroom XI

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