April Showers ...

I haven't written in a while. I'm changing up the entire everything all at once.

If you watched my attempts at a Tiktok, you saw that I struggled to breathe. That made me highly entertained with myself while also realizing that there are entirely too many people who live rent free as ghosts in my head. It's a never ending cycle of trauma that I didn't realize I needed to do a total flush/cleanse/scrub.

I mourned the loss of my beloved Rocco so started a TikTok. I'm not a fan of a lot of social media ~ too toxic for my taste and brain capacity.

I deleted Twitter 'cause what even IS Twitter?

Social Media is a flash back to junior high school ~ the popular kids did GREAT, but for those of us who barely survived the trauma of it all ... don't do great at all.

So I started Two Vellas which will become books. Already, I see pirates and thieves sniffing at the corners. I have made $0.0 dollars with them. The people in the Amazon tell me I made a $19.38 bonus for posting, but my bank has yet to believe that very generous offer. I have 3 likes. One is probably my mother. The other, a friend up in Canada and the 3rd? A troll who wants the goods so they don't have to hire the Fiverr ghost writer for $200 to write a book for them.

Which brings me to writing as a ghost through Freelance search engines. A lovely idea, but I am calling bullshit on everyone who says they work 4-hour days writing for Fiverr and Upwork.

People want to pay (these are two actual quotes) $200 for a 30,000 word novel, with edits and revisions included. Um, no.

Another one was for $50 for 10,000 words, edits and revisions for THEIR novel ... they call themselves an author... feck that guy. No.

Here's a moral of the story in the world of work.

You will be treated in direct proportion to how much money you make.

So I deep dived into actual Freelancers honest takes on YouTube. The ones who do it for a living for more than 6-months. They tell you the upside and the downside. There is more down than up these days.

You can afford to work less than 8 hour days minimum and you will receive a fair amount of harassment from buyers who are used to paying people a penny a word (or less). THEN, if they decide for whatever reason NOT to like you, they can report you or get your business shut down because they feel like it. WHAT??? Um, no.

I hope people like that get the day they deserve.

So April ~ YOU were a jack wagon the entire month. I quit you now, and will never talk to you again. I had the spend the entire month playing catch up to what I suspect is long haul pandemic bullshit.

The good news is ~ I em in edits with two books and another adventure on the horizon. HappinessNoir.com is going well. It's picking up readers, throwing down some wisdom learned along the way, and gaining speed. Like a slow boat to Neverland. Slow and steady may win the race, but it doesn't pay the rent.

IF you are a writer ~ stay grounded.

Learn from other writers

Pay attention to your own voice over the voice or opinions but learn from the experts.

Speaking of ~ and this is my thing. I love learning from the experts, but I try my best to ignore anyone without a certificate of authenticity when it comes to listening to opinions based on ... nothing.

IF You are a professional in that field, then I am excited to learn from you or teach you, depending on the relationship. BUT ... if you are just sharing an opinion based on your own sense of entitlement or ego .... I'm scrolling.

That's about it.

I'm not blogging here because I'm blogging on HappinessNoir.com for most everything. The meme art over on Instagram has been just taking up real estate on my page. Today, I'm putting together a FOR profit digital stuff to sell on ETSY @inkhoneypub

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