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It takes courage to change your life and creativity to figure out how. You have to be curious at all points, but you can't let it crush you under the doubt of the past. People will question you. They may even mock you. You have to become bulletproof, but also stay human. It's a humbling thing to want to change for the better at any age, but it is possible.

Some of us are explorers of the mind. We are often soul searching, but part of that is to understand who we are, as we are, in this trip around the sun.

Here are Five Books that I read in 2022 that I loved. They inspired and uplifted or just made me think. As with all forms of learning, we don't have to agree to the point of following someone as a celebrity, but we can celebrate their gift of knowledge or daring to be different.

How do you get rid of bullies? You become bulletproof, according to Evy Pompourous, a former CIA operative. To do so with a cool head and rational thinking also helps you if you ever lived through trauma.

Small incomplete humans will always bully others. Instead? Learn how not to give a damn. Then openly talk about it while looking them in the eye.

Evy's book is my favorite of 2022

Lisa writes about developing confidence at any age by learning how to love and appreciate who you are, as you are. She takes on the bullies and doubters who've been telling her how to live her life for years. As a business owner, and wife of a popular influencer, she wanted the world to know she is her own woman. I love her upbeat, in your face courage under fire attitude. Most of all, I love that she is honest in that she has changed and evolved, ~ one of the most judged yet human experiences we can go through.

Nicole LePera's last year Christmas gift to my family was How To Do The Work. I'm excited that Dr. LePera, or The Holistic Psychologist has another book on the way. How To Meet Yourself.

Her social media has been entertaining while also informative. There is some controversy but for the life of me, I can't figure out why? When a psychologist breaks out of the conservative approach to how we live our lives, by keeping our work a secret, we are left with more questions than answers. She was the first one I noticed online. Now, she's part of a library of powerful women of impact (also Lisa's brand name Podcast) who are reshaping the field of psychology. I'm preordering now.

You may or may not have heard of 'The Angry Therapist" but I started to listen to his work on TikTok. A place that still has uncomfortable crowds, so I'm not sure about the Tok, but I am sure that John Kim is a damn fine LMFT with sage advice and wisdom on how to be in healthy relationships with others and with yourself.

Anybody who knows my Facebook page @inkhoneypub or other social media, will know that Dr. Ramani is saving millions of lives as an expert in narcissism. I'd say, she's the pioneer of social media dissemination on the topic of surviving the narcissists of our world. The doubters can say whatever they want in our field of psychology ~ there is a type, a distinct pattern, and a whole lot of healing that needs to happen. Dr. Ramani is a core therapist on @Medcircle ~ an informative social media platform where we are openly talking about mental health as a priority.

Okay ... there are my five for five.

555 is the number for big changes.

Healing as a priority includes big changes. Whenever I see the number, I'm reminded to stay focused, and to walk into this next phase with courage, curiosity, creativity and of course, quintessential healing knowledge.

I hope you enjoy my picks.

In full transparency, any time you click the links, they go to the Amazon pages and if you buy from there, I will get a few pennies for the cat kibble.


OH ... and if you don't know Medcircle, here's their link. I don't affiliate with them at all, but have learned so much from their experts and beloved host.

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