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I'm writing a new happiness blog on WordPress for those of us who are a bit less ... outwardly joyful. Happiness is an inside job ~ the true essence of living a joyful, contented life doesn't have to be on show for the world. That's just what we've convinced ourselves of.

I've been working for the past three years with grieving people; PTSD people; healing people after trauma and really upset people who at their core, are battling things the world just doesn't see. It opened my eyes to how we approach happiness in our research and in our presentation of the "requirements".

Happiness is big business. Honestly? It's setting a whole lot of people up to fail. It's a bit of a con job that's causing even more people to feel guilty for NOT being able to be happy in the eyes of the beholder.


I'm writing about the other side of happiness. The joy that lives in the sadness. The contented quiet ones who are happy to be out of the spotlight. Those who have unconditional pain, but find solace in the small acts or moments in their lives.

A few quick reads from the menu ~

Life IS like a box of chocolates ~ Forest Gump ~ one of the happiest characters ever written. Let's all take a life lesson from him.

Just be ~ let the world adjust

In peace and light,


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