Happy Black Cat Day

Ink ~ our little rescue cat circa 2018 ~ she saved us more than we saved her. She's now CEO of @Inkhoneypub and @happinessnoir here at @henryhealingPOV (point of view, in case that comes up).

Today, August 17, 2021 is National Black Cat Day ~ we love our black cats here and hope they all find safe spaces in warm homes today

I've started the new blog blurbs and bits of happiness wisdom for those who lived through the tough stuff.

All the other happy people are out there being optimistic all the time ~ SO MUCH apparent jumping for joy and laughing with glee. Not me. My life totally sucked for a few years there.

My happiness just looks different from other people. Mine is quieter. Less ... glitzy and glamorous. It's more down to earth, real, and peaceful. As a matter of fact, my happiness means I'm at peace and I'm content.

Not loud like so many others who are peddling our wares in this professional quagmire of delights and shiny bits.

Some people show their happiness in ways that others don't understand ~ all people experience life differently. There is no such thing as one size fits all ... not even in our outlook and emotional life.

In honor of National Black Cat Day ~ here's to all the quiet ones ~ living their best lives and loving themselves.


Click on Ink's face for the latest tidbits from @happinessnoir

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