How's Your 2022 So Far?

Updated: Jan 23

I tried Wordle. Once. Once was enough.

One Word.
Full sentence.
Wordle is not for me.
It's okay to decide to not like what everyone else likes.

I've been giving TikTok a go, but I'm just not that funny and I'm not at all a fan of trolls. It seems like you have to have mad skills for the one, but detest the other. Is it worth it?

**Update ~ Energy doesn't lie and the energy of Tik Tok? It was more like "Ick-Tok** I tried it. I liked some of it. I didn't like most of it. It was ... well, there are some who make it worth, but so many who are hurt by it. Sitting back and observing that? Well, it didn't match the energy or vibe that I want in my life in 2022**

Nothing is worth sacrificing your mental health. Trolls sap that energy, as they intend to do.

I knew I started to really heal from a life time of trauma when I stopped asking the question, "Why don't they like me?" and started asking myself, "Do I like them?". It's a great shift in consciousness.

The cyber trolls who once tried to haunt my life keep popping up with fake emails and fake accounts on other social media, such as Instagram and Twitter. It's like playing Wack-A-Mole. They won't go away. I don't have the band width to continue to try to figure out what toxic person or people are doing it either.

I don't think anyone with a whole life does. Let alone interest. Toxic people want to drain you. They hope you will fear them, or simply obsess over who they are. In truth, healthy people just don't give a damn about their toxic behavior.

The people who do visit my pages or writing are doing so because they either wish me well, or they themselves want to heal.

Trolls get bored, then move on. Bullies and stalkers get the police called on them, and eventually, have charges of harassment pressed against them.

If you are a survivor of domestic violence or trauma related harassment, please, please remember that part of taking your life back is also letting the toxic person or people know you are not messing around.

You put up the boundary. If they don't honor it, contact the authorities.

But that's not my life anymore. I have deleted every aspect that takes away from my joy.

My goal is to honor this one simple sentence. I've redacted all else down to this. To live a life I don't need a vacation from. To live in the world of curious joy and nothing else.

That means I had tough decisions to make. It means I had to eliminate a lot. It symbolically happened when I cut 4" off my hair. Dead weight.

When we dream of changing our lives, we also have to mean it. We have to find meaning in it. We can't focus only on what we don't want. We have to focus on what we do want (pretty sure Abraham Hicks and Jay Shetty have said this often). Of course, so much of the same content is floating around out there, we can't know who said what first, unless the OG quotable comes forward.

I'm a happy sceptic and cynical hopeful. At best.

I had a lot to unpack. Decades worth of trauma. It's why I put a pin in the life coaching. I took time to write, to explore and to navigate where I wanted to go from here.

Over the last few days, FIVE different significant humans from my learning have passed away. Besides Betty White. Meatloaf ~ my first meaningful album. Thich Nhat Hanh ~ my first spiritual healer in the physical world who I listened to when I first started to center my soul, and heal my own wounds. Then there was the fashion icon, the TV dad of my children's childhood favorite show and the comedian who was sharp but funny in his comedy line up.

Have you ever read Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven. This would be a very interesting gathering indeed.

When people we admire succeed and/or die, we are reminded of our own precious time on this planet.

SO ~ what will you do with your 2022?

That's my ONLY question right now.

I miss teamwork and cohort communication but I don't miss office bullies or micro managing leadership.

I want to hold out for perfect, proactive, positive, realists.

In the mean time, I'm traveling as safely as possible.


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