I support a female's right to decide what is best for her and her own body

It's not about abortion, it's about body autonomy. It's about making decisions for one's self. It's about psychological and medical safety. It's about living in a country that's supposed to protect ALL citizens, not weaponize them with propaganda and misinformation.

Willful ignorance chaps my ask.

Henry Healing is taking a plot twist turn toward deep diving into Meaning ~ Purpose ~ Post Traumatic Growth ~ Licensure ~ Education and Therapeutic practice that is aligned more truly with the APA and ACA.

Plot twists happen.

After working for so many years with survivors of assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence and assorted other complications of being a female ... it's time to merge my various areas of study.

Meaning Centered Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Arts & Sciences




Holistic Healing

Existential Understanding of Life in the 21st century

Being Human

A positive psychology 2.0 ~ one that recognizes suffering as an awareness toward thriving.


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