Let's give this a try 1st Favorite Thing

1st favorite thing (I'm wearing them right now). These are the MOST pillowy comfort shoes I've ever owned.

I don't like shoes but when I do, they have to be cozy and comfortable.

I bought these over the summer and wear them every day. For people who like heals, you'll want these when the heals did their duty of fancy foot work. But these little squish nuggets will make your sole happy. :) (See what I did there? Soul? Sole? Shoes?). LOL

It's amazon prime day (week?) October 11-15 and this seller has them on sale for $23.99 ... my entire family will probably get a pair. Please don't tell them. Christmas is only 75 days away.

Remember Sophia .... "Jay! You love me. You bought me pillows for my feet!" ~ these are as close as you can get w/out being a furry.

**Click the little icon and it'll bring you right to Amazon ~ which I'm embracing since I also write Kindle Vella's and sell journals and books on KDP

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