Light Life Reflections ~ 2020

The last installment of The Light Life for The Positive psychology People for the year 2020 ~

This last day of the calendar year 2020 offers us a reflection of all that came to pass. This year is particularly poignant. We didn’t all make it. The intensity of feelings are stronger. People have been living on the edge of their emotions while ardently holding on to a sense of self.

For some, the changes have been painful. Others experienced a bringing together in an act of determined unity. The extremes seem to be the theme as we’ve cultivated a life in these extraordinary times. I’ve never seen such a time. Not in my culture and not in my time.

Cultural sensitivity has been a focal point that must never be forgotten.

We must remember however, that this lens of great and terrible sadness for those who are mourning a loss offers us an avenue into cultivating kindness, compassion and self love.

The mirror has two faces

The reflection we see in the mirror is not who we are as a whole. Then again, neither our mirror image or our internal sense of who we are reflect who we are to the outside world either. On this last day of the year we’ve all quipped about wanting change; I sit here wondering how to best align these three sides of self.

The self that we see in the mirror; the self that we feel inside and the self that the outside world sees.

I know that for me, I am not in full alignment. That’s my business only. And yet, others have their opinions, don’t they?

It’s not personal. It’s perception.

A cornerstone to, in my opinion, all of our fields of humanity


We see what we want to see. We feel what we feel. Outside influencers attempt to guide or direct that. Our mental reflection of who we are carries the most weight into the life we dream of living.

We become what we believe we are. Simply stated, society creates a perception of what they wish everyone would look like.

Then, they treat others accordingly. We all make excuses for the part we don’t like while justifying our imperfections as being human.

The truth is, a bit of all of it is true. All of it. Nobody gets out of this life as perfectly procured pieces of art.

Not if we strive for perfection. If we are striving for masterpiece, then we peel away the fear of the wrinkles and rolls. It shows the anguish and longing, our masterpieces. The human suffering most treasured is that which has been endured. This is the art of living.

Accepting. Confidence. Imperfections. This is beauty.

We hope for ultimate happiness, but live for feeling the never ending want to fit in. Thus, the stuff of suffering. But my friends, we are organic, therefore, penetrable in our sense of what is. Flow with what is, contentment ensues.

May your new year be filled with the ability to celebrate, acknowledge and revere all of your humanity in the very best of ways.

In Peace and Light,


Author: Karen Henry has a Master of Arts in community psychology and an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Counseling. She is the author of Indelible Women and the ReWrite series. She’s a private practitioner and researcher in the United States. Henry Healing dot com is her calling card.

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