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I'm writing in several places now.

My own Wordpress blog @happinessnoir (dot com)

On Tik Tok ~ I'm still not sure. I know the social media guru's say ... get over there but honestly? I have to stay fully in my own head in order to do it. It's a life lesson in coming out of my metaphorical woods. I've been so at peace in my social isolation, I'm in a deep state of calm right now.

Energy doesn't lie. But it can be misunderstood. I've spent the past two years on a self isolated healing journey that was long over due. I don't have a camera crew, or editing skills to compete with the social media giants so have flaws, and imperfections and weird facial expressions, and stutters or blunders and yes, I have typos when I try too much all at once.

Getting out of our comfort zone is the goal. Worrying about what others think of us, is a discipline in self awareness and self love.

So ~ here are the places I'll be today ~ ... thank you for reading or following along or contributing your positive energy to my journey

On Medium, one chapter at a time @Inkhoneypub

On Elephant Journal to help me exercise my psychology/energy healing muscles @inkhoneypub

On The Positive Psychology People to keep myself focused on The Light Life in spite of all the darkness we are walking through today. It's all about balance.

I'm also going to give Tik Tok another try. They have filters and force you to stay under 3 minutes, which is a great exercise for someone who talks a lot. :)

I'm over there @Ink1925

And On Instagram @InkHoneyPub

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