New post ~ what is more valued ~ peace or happiness?

What matters most in your healing journey is nobody's business.

Everyone's life story is uniquely their own.

In today's post on my blog ~ @happinessnoir I talk about not only peace vs happiness (integration) but also ~ how not all that glitters in the teacher/guru/healing business is gold.

I'm not spilling the tea on anyone I've met over the past three decades in this world of healing but I am breaking up with those who no longer align with the values I hold near and dear to my heart as ones to follow or fangirl over.

We all live in our own sense of human development across the lifespan. This journey is mine. I only want to bring the best of the best to those who read my work or follow my lead.

I've been wrong about a lot of people. I have to own that. I don't have to continue to align with them. Nor, do they have to align with me.

Not in a cancel culture sort of way but in a human development across our lifespan sort of way.

Follow along ~ give me a call ~ text ~ email ~ carrier pigeon ~ social media OR ~ wait until my novel comes out.

Then be free to be :)


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