NOLA ~ Cafe Du Monde .. The French Quarter

So this isn't exactly a winter hibernation thing as much as a tribute to Anne Rice and many of my favorite authors. I haven't been to the French Quarter of NOLA ~ New Orleans Louisiana ~ in quite a while. The vibe is electrifying and mysterious.

Some of my favorite authors stem from NOLA or, write about it anyway.

I wish I could find that pic of the time I got to spend time with now NYTimes Best Selling authors in a conference about writing, romance and all things "happily ever after" novels. We went to Cafe Du Monde for a Cafe Au Lait and Beignets.

They were out of this world. About a pound of sugar soaked into those little white paper bags. SO good and yet, so crazy bad. 100% worth it. The memory? Priceless.

Except for the damn stupid shoes I bought for the trip. I could barely walk and super grateful the hotel wasn't too far away.

This was long before the world tossed us around. One day, I hope to get back but until then, we can FINALLY order their coffee online :)

Transparency .... this coffee may or may not come from a vampire. ;) Or ghost. Or .... with a little magic sprinkled in. :)

Is coffee comfy and cozy ... um ... duh! Get the Beignet mix too. OMG it's so good.

Click on the link to yum it up in that cozy cottage.

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