Okay ... seriously, I'm about to admit to something ...

I'm a cute Christmas novel/Hallmark holiday movie junkie.

Corny? So what. Cute? Of course! Comforting? Absolutely. Big families w/a storyline that can show us love and kindness? I'm in.

One of my FAVORITE writers in this genre is Sheila Roberts. She's also one of the nicest people I know. And have known since that writer's retreat in 2006 in Washington State.

I went to meet Susan Wiggs and ended up meeting a whole bunch of very cool writers. Sheila is one of them.

So .... road trips (I take quite a few) ~ Sheila all the way in my Audible. And, her Books both winter and summer. Every year for 16 years now. I'd say that Sheila absolutely falls in the category of cozy and comfy.

Once again .... if you've been following my "favorite things" pub tour .... you'll know that I don't recommend it unless I've tried it myself.

After traveling over 10,000 miles this past year .... I wouldn't have made it without my tunes and great books. I have a few ... why should Goodreads have all the fun.

Transparency: If you purchase through the link below, I get a kick back of a few pennies and Sheila gets a few great stars on her author page.

**p.s... If I didn't like the book, I don't recommend and I'll never say, 'bless her heart' OR show negativity toward any writer anywhere.

Writers are small businesses (in case you didn't know that). Each one is business ~ a field I am very grateful for.

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