Publish more + Public less = Peace

I've actualized my soul's goal to publish more and do less one on one counseling or consulting. It brings me more peace and joy than I had ever imagined.

Of course, I had lived for so long in a trauma brain, that I always thought that I had to work hard, until it hurt. It always hurt.

My body is feeling the physical pain of pushing myself to the edge of doing things I didn't love but thought I should do.

When I gave myself permission to stop working and start listening, I finally started to let go of all those expectations that were never mine to carry.

The work that I've done for the past 25 years is not the work that I want to do for the next 25 years. The moment I finally acknowledged that, I found myself to be happier, healthier and feeling more like I'm supposed to feel than at any other time of my life, except when I was a small child who loved to dance.

It's a bit late for me to take up ballet but it's not too late to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

I decided to take up writing again.

The psychology background is a closed chapter ~ it didn't bring me joy. As a matter of fact, once I realized that the fields of higher education and psychology which consumed the past two and a half decades of my life, were filled with the same unnecessary drama as the tourism and restaurant business that was part of my earlier adult years, I asked myself why I was still putting up with it.

Writing. Writing, reading, engaging, and advocacy/justice work. Those were the things I held in my hands. Those were the things that sparked joy. That and painting. Crafting. Saving homeless kittens.

In 2021 ~

I moved to a new state

I gave myself permission to be a human being outside of the labels ~ mom, teacher, healer, trauma survivor, employee.

In 2021 ~

I decided to listen to my inner voice instead of the pre-programmed need to please other people's idea of me. It never worked before but I was stuck in the cargo hold of patterned life.

I decided to only do what brought me joy (thanks Marie Kondo)

I have chosen to pursue my own happiness, as I see fit.

I tried YouTube for a week. It was weird. I'm not ready for that level of ego consciousness just yet.

I'm writing (slowly) on Medium ~ link here

I'm writing on WordPress ~ it's a learning curve ~ link here @happinessnoir

I'm writing a Christmas book ~ TBA

I'm writing on The Positive Psychology People still for as long as they'll have me or until we mutually decide that our work together is complete. I adore them, so will give them blogs from here to the end of time. I'm sharing the link to all the brilliant people who publish on this page here ~ because they are all so darn nice! I love genuine people who do good things.

... and painting ~ something I don't do nearly enough.

When I say, "Do what you love, the world will adjust" ~ I also have to live it.

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