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I've decided to make my Favorite Things easier for visitors to my pages.

I've been a stagnant cat lady for far too long. Writing is sedentary. Cat laps are restrictive. Cultivating a favorite things list has been fun, but it isn't a walk in the park.

So ... that's coming soon.

IN the mean time, I have two meme inspired journals on Amazon right now. They are physical copies. I kept them at 8 x 11 so they can fit in with traditional notebooks, but they are only 80 pages so they can bend and snap after people are done writing in them.

The first one is live with an image of my beloved Trash Kitten, Oliver Wolf Foster on it. October is domestic violence awareness month. In honor of that, I am putting out a few of these so people can use them to heal, help, share, or plan their escape.

For now, it takes everything we have just to simplify our lives ~ we have to cut loose everything weighing us down. Including people, places and things that no longer work for us.

For me, I'm shopping a new phone company. I'm shopping a new insurance company. I'm shopping for new everything as I cultivate the life I intend to live with purpose.

Right now, it's all in ETSY @henryhealingdotcom for my OG paintings. OR< it's here on my Favorite Things pages. Including my little journal w/prompts for venting and dreaming.

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