So you go to a swanky hotel ... what's the 1st thing you want to do?

Strip, right? LOL

Not always.

Sometimes, that big fluffy hotel robe is #1 thing on your priority list.

Well, it is when it's your year-goal to create a cozy, comfy life for yourself.

You spend your whole life being told that you have to dress a certain way, or look a certain way.

The thing is ... and this is a gift of Mother Nature ... you get to do, be and feel ALL the feels, as you are, and as they are.

One thing I didn't learn until much later in life ... you CAN buy the cheapest (whatever it is) but it isn't as well made, comfortable OR, long lasting. Don't go for cheap. Save up. Go for quality.

In 20 years, when you come home to an old friend in a robe ... you'll be glad you did.

Once again ... if you use the link below, Amazon will kick me a few pennies which I in turn, turn into cat kibble. So really, you'll be helping my cats. And the random name from the anonymous Christmas tree where I can buy a kid a 'wish'.

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