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The Truth About Amazon 'Sales'

Y'all, this is the truth about selling and buying on Amazon. It's a formula. The illusion of buying something as a way to own a piece of something great is just that ... an illusion.

I'm a big advocate of shopping small if possible. I don't load up my ETSY store with digital stickers or prints because we can all make those ourselves. We don't have to buy them and it's not art.

ETSY is NOT the local creator shop around the corner that it once was. So, I paint for pleasure, then sell so not to stockpile. When my work is not sold, it is usually just chillin' out on my own walls.

If it does sell there or in person, I'm grateful, but remind myself that the whole point of creating art is for my own sense of well-being. Not for profit. That's my interpretation of art. I'll never be famous for it, nor would I create some pretentious illusion to make others think my art is a "must have" though that is certainly true as well.

Here's a link to ALL the "deals" that people have going on. By sharing this, they get free advertising (just like ALL the items featured here on my 'Favorite Things' pages). However, we would receive pennies for each, if that.

What do I mean? I shared several books that someone must have tried to purchase through my link. I'm sent the stats on sales for my "shop" @inkhoneypub. I made exactly $0.0 on the few sales.

Why? Because those books also happen to be on the Amazon Prime "read for free" list that week, or the Amazon "first reads program" ~ meaning, the sellers would have to sell THOUSANDS and MILLIONS in order to see anything. It's all a formula that favors the corporation, and not the small shop.

The same with ETSY, though their fees for service aren't as much.

I'm selling 2 journals right now. I intended to create a dozen or so to match. I'm selling one for $4.44. I will only make $.51 (that's cents) for each copy sold. These are journals so NOT digital items.

The other is around the same. I know people who are writing full novels very fast just to keep the numbers up. Some are okay. Some are good. Some are truly awful, but people buy them. They help the authors stay afloat.

I've also published work that was straight up stollen out from under me. We all have. Book pirates offer 'free copies' but what most readers don't know, is those same pirates are collecting YOUR data for signing up for the free books. They stole intellectual property from the authors and they stole your info. when you tried to download a pirated book.

Big name authors can afford to go after the book thief. Indie published writers can't afford the time or the legal fees. IF they can even find a copyright lawyer without heading into large city.

It's all frustrating.

One way around this that I love is, Indie authors are selling their books at farmer's markets and in their own small book shops. If you know an Indie published author, just remember, MANY big name authors are successful because they had support from every day people who bought their books at the farmer's markets and small book stores first.

ALSO remember ... there are people out there publishing left and right, not because they are good or successful, but because they know people who help them become successful, even if they are not good.

Choose wisely and happy shopildays ....

Things do not buy happiness.

Being happy has multiple layers of meaning that can't possibly be defined or described. There are something like 45 different definitions by the OG researchers who all just said .... "this one works for what I'm doing". I know this because I did a deep dive into it for my own doctoral dissertation. Some are close. None are absolute. Most have redefined it for their own research.

With that said, there are small shops popping up on the Amazon site, but Jeff is STILL making more than anyone else. AND, he makes sure that small shops don't make as much as he does.

#ShopSmall in the Mom&Pop shops.

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