Tiny Houses We Can Live In :)

Amazon sells actual tiny homes that we can build and live in. Um, yes please :)

Build the life you want to live ~ not the one they tell you to survive in

$12K from The Little Cottage Company

Click on the picture for more details.

When you build it ... remember where east and west are ... it makes all the difference. Slap on some solar paneling ... rain barrel in the backyard and hydroponics near the chicken coop ... + a Catio of course. You have yourself a perfect little get away.

Build 12 of them on a .58 acre of land ~ pave a little path ~ cultivate a community garden and snaps ... you can be in a different themed room that follows the sun. I love these. SO cute.

When they say, "What? Do you live in a barn?" .... we can finally say ... yeah ... yeah I do. :)

I haven't built one yet ... it's in the cards ....

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