We owe you nothing~ Free from being Cooped up ~ Free Range Female series ...

A tip from a liberated Free Range Female ~ we owe you nothing. We don't have to explain ourselves. We don't owe you our appearance. We don't have to make apologies for being wrong. We don't even have to explain why we FEEL like ... doing whatever it is that we do.

We don't have to forgive you just to make you feel better. We get to wear our clothes, glasses, hair, body, personality or profession anyway we see fit. If you don't understand any of that ~ it's not our job to explain it to you.

Women have been told to be patient, kind, understanding, forgiving, tolerant, gracious, fun, cute, pretty, compliant, complacent and peaceful for FAR too long and now ~ we are reclaiming our voice.

What does society do to these radical women who dare to be seen, heard, valued, cherished ... loved?

We tell them that they are too loud, too bossy, too opinionated, too ugly, too fat, too "karen" to be valued and we better get back in line ... or else.

It's as if Shonda Rhimes and Alan Sorkin were born to rewrite or challenge write our current narrative.

Push back is a bitch. Clap back is not fun. Speak up anyway. Stand up anyway.

Be you ~ the world will adjust. ... eventually.

K. Aren @inkhoneyPub

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