Writing is growing ~

Writing on Medium ~ Linkedin ~ Happiness Noir ~ and here from time to time.

YouTube, Tik Tok, and a few other adventures are in the works.

Medium ~ False Positives ~ one chapter at a time for 2022


Linkedin ~ the business end of learning about life through narrative therapy in 2022


Happiness Noir ~ because happiness isn't always a bright sunny day. Sometimes, it's a dark stormy sadness that washes you until you've grown. Planting seeds has to happen before you can feel balanced, happy or joyful.


Twitter ~ Until Twitter gets nicer, I'm not very interested but I do post there from time to time. I don't think I have more than 19 followers, but frankly my dear ... I really don't give a damn.

Well, one day I might. Right now, I'm staying away from mean people. :)


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