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What if your purpose here on earth is to just show up, totally and completely as who you were truly designed to be?  Would you know what that looks like?  Or more so, just how to achieve that?  It took me a long time to walk on the path I was meant to be on. Life coaching is for people who want to make a change, or maybe, are stuck on decisions, or even for those who find parts of life just too hard. It's a stressful time in the world! 


Coaching is not therapy. It is a holstic approach to wellbeing for people who are healthy, creative and whole in that they do not have to rely on a medical or metaphysical reason to see a therapist or psychologist. However, if an actual DSM diagnosis is part of the client's life, life coaching can enhance the therapeutic process. 




In addition to an advanced degree in psychology, I also taught psychology at the university level for almost ten years. I created two courses in positive psychology for the state university of new york that were made a permanent part of the psychology department. I have been an active member of the International Positive Psychology People, a global initiative in the science and practice of positive psychology.


On a personal level, I discovered through a variety of mis-steps and wrong directions, what my calling was. Holistic healing manifested from the desire to heal. This walk to remember allowed me to wake up to the calling of helping others discover their best life.


No regrets. No apologies. No excuses. It was quite a journey! I once thought that through my doctoral program in psychology, I would discover the answers I needed to open this coaching practice.


In addition to working toward a PhD, I aligned myself with some of the most powerfully successful coaches in the world today. After four years of intense study, I realized there was still a piece missing.


I ventured out of the field of psychology, toward the holistic practices of spiritual, philosophical and Eastern modalities of healing.


My coach practice, with or without Reiki (it's up to you) includes the principles I learned over the course of two decades of training.




By partnering with me, we will co-create a plan to awaken your purpose in life. That can look like a solution to one particular issue, or an overall life transition.


These and many other questions and struggles you may be having, such as achieving a goal, working through a major transition in life or maintaining the relationships in your life. These and many other alignments are just  blockages that hold us back from truly living to our fullest potential in this extraordinary place called life.



Life Coaching  (Individual or Couples Coaching)


Focusing on what we have the power to change: our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions, life coaching can reverse years of negative self-talk and self-limiting choices. Receive unconditional love without judgment, as well as intuitive, higher guidance to help you choose a more positive path in life. This approach helps you live according to your inner, true self, so you can achieve your ultimate priorities and values in life.


Holistic Life Coaching is generally an important adjunct to energy healing for bringing greater relief and sense of ease in life and well-being. While Henry Healing can genuinely help people make the shifts they desire to make in themselves or in life, Reiki and Life Coaching are often combined into 90 minute sessions, for bringing about the most optimal results.




The key to life? Balance

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